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What restaurants should be doing during the covid-19 pandemic

What Restaurants Should Be Doing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The magnitude of the coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented. If you’re a small business owner, you may be lost with where to even begin to address…
Asian businesswoman talking to voice assistant at her desk.
Search Engine

Voice Search: An Important Consideration In Your Content Strategy

“SIRI, where can I find chips and queso?” We use our phones for everything. So, chances are, you’ve asked SIRI, Google (or even Alexa) a…
short-form video

Will Short-form Video Become King of Entertainment?

  In the modern era, it’s often said that people’s attention spans are shorter than ever. You might find yourself reaching for your phone while…
Billboard with Pepsi and Beyonce
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Profiles in Power — The Influence of Central Texas Women
Augmented reality
Why Augmented Reality is Transforming the World of Marketing
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Handicapped person in a wheelchair with colored balloons at the beach
Search Engine
Optimize Your Website Accessibility for those with Disabilities