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Bingeworthy: The Top 10 Netflix Shows of 2019

With 160 million viewers around the globe, the top 10 Netflix shows of 2019 had an endless supply of eyeballs to watch. The question is,…

TikTok, Time is Running Out…

If you’re not on the TikTok trend yet, you’re already late. The music-based social media app, previously ‘,’ is seriously on the rise. It had over…
Billboard with Pepsi and Beyonce
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Unexpected Marketing Lessons from the Unexpected: Abraham Lincoln to Beyoncé

Y ou may not realize it, but almost everything can be a marketing tact. You can find inspiration (or even a muse) anywhere! And, you…
Linda Chau sitting in yellow chair at video shoot
Internal Press
Profiles in Power — The Influence of Central Texas Women
Thumb pressing like on Instagram app on phone
Instagram is (Eventually) Hiding Likes — Is this for the Better?
short-form video
Will Short-form Video Become King of Entertainment?
Neon sign that says "do something great"
Search Engine
How To Create Extraordinary Content
What restaurants should be doing during the covid-19 pandemic
What Restaurants Should Be Doing During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Asian businesswoman talking to voice assistant at her desk.
Search Engine
Voice Search: An Important Consideration In Your Content Strategy