The Kardashians post on social media a lot. And, they get consistent engagement for it every time. Other big names with a large number of followers do the same. But, this doesn’t work for the average business. If you’re following this model on when you should be posting on social media, you’re most likely to lose followers and engagement rather than increase those numbers. In short, it’s the quality of your posts, not the quantity, that you should be concerned about. Quality content is what every audience wants. So, whether that means better photos or more information, your audience will be more receptive to this content.

Quality when posting on social media.

Social media and digital content marketing rules are always changing. That’s why it’s important to keep up with the trends. At this point in time, we’re constantly fed content from all angles at every moment. Sometimes, that comes in the form of news articles, funny quizzes, or random videos you find on Facebook. This matters when it comes to posting on social media. If you’re an average local business, you’re not going to want to post to Twitter five times a day. Or six times a week on Facebook. This hurts your following and engagement, especially if you’re just posting content for the sake of posting. Now, you have to make sure that the content you’re posting is quality content that actually matters for your business and/or audience.

In the long run, the quality of your posts will make your brand stand out more. This allows for more personable posts and more engagement. We live in the age of transparency now. Posting six times a week to head to your website and buy something isn’t going to cut it. Consumers want authenticity. They crave it.

Achieving quality over quantity.

The authenticity of your posts will bring your customer back over and over. Think about the engagements that you have in real life with people. You never want to write something for a general audience. Therefore, you must be relevant, current, and specific—just like you would be in a real conversation with someone. Social media is in fact that, a conversation with someone/an audience. Simply, don’t content bomb people. They understand that you have X and Y for sale. Instead, strike up a conversation. Share some facts about your industry or create engaging visual content (photos and videos) that will allow your consumers to understand the product better.

For a long time, the number of posts did matter. But, trends change. And, in order to stay current and not be left behind as a company, you have to adjust. In this case, adjusting means you’ll have to start posting things that have a little more to say about your brand. The last thing your company should be doing right now is post content just for the sake of posting.

Time specific.

To go one step further, posting times have some weight as well. Once you’ve created your engaging content, scheduling out the best time is necessary. This varies for different platforms and types of businesses. When you have a scheduled calendar for content posting, it’s easier to see the bigger picture of how everything is laid out. This will also allow for analytics down the road to be read more easily.

With social media and digital content, it’s another job in itself to keep up with trends. Consumers dictate when the right time to post is and which posts are that of quality. But, with the right tools and help, this can be achieved.