With 160 million viewers around the globe, the top 10 Netflix shows of 2019 had an endless supply of eyeballs to watch. The question is, which show should you stream next? Check out this list to discover your next streaming binge.

The Most Watched

Stranger Things released a third season this year, and it did not disappoint. If you didn’t know, the 80’s inspired, youth-led thriller sparked an outpouring of memes. The show attracted audiences of all kinds and landed at the #1 spot for the year. 

Next up, The Witcher is the second most popular show. On a fantasy note, The Witcher has some unique themes: sorcery, medieval times, and characters with very difficult names to pronounce. 

If a story involving babies with super powers separated at birth catches your fancy, check out The Umbrella Academy. Dysfunctional families and a mysterious death are the name of the game.

The next most watched shows were Dead to Me and You: Season 2. Playing into the dark themes of the year, these dramas are brimming with tragedy, mystery, murder, love and deceit. So, these series are perfect if you’re looking for something to slightly unnerve you.

The Final 5

Coming next on the list, When They See Us and Unbelievable both tell poignant stories bound to make you cry, scream or both. Coincidentally, both are based on real life events. With the former telling the decades-long story of five men wrongfully convicted of assault in Central Park, the latter recounts a series of rapes in the states of Washington and Colorado.

Coincidentally, the eighth and ninth most popular shows both include stories about teenagers. But, they’re not so family friendly. First,  Sex Education delves into a teenager’s adventures in starting a sex therapy clinic at his high school. The controversial 13 Reasons Why focuses on a girl’s suicide and its reasoning.

Raising Dion rounds out the list, as the second comic-book based series. To summarize, this drama focusing on a single mom raising a son with superhero-like powers. Binge this series full of secrets, family struggle, and a little bit of magic.

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The Top 10 Netflix Shows of 2019: