I n the last decade, we have seen the world of business shift into an almost mandatory online presence. As a result, typical marketing strategies have changed as well. Podcasting is a relatively new form of marketing that has emerged from the need for constant, creative, innovative digital content.

The Connection We Crave

As we let our lives slip slowly into an almost entirely digital world, many businesses are beginning to feel the effects of a disconnect happening with consumers. Though we are constantly linked through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, email, and more, the true connection is often lost. In a digital world, consumers are continuously craving something deeper. Podcasts offer what most other content mediums cannot – a voice, a feeling, and a real connection to others. While blogs and content are written in a branded “voice,” a podcast is an actual human voice – offering with it emotion, inflection, and the true connection all other outlets lack.

The Convenience We Need

Our lives are becoming more and more hectic, leaving us without much time for devoting ourselves to researching businesses, products, or services or educating ourselves about technology, innovation, or anything else of interest. Podcasts give consumers a way to receive information on their own schedules. Whether driving in the car, showering, having a morning coffee, or working out, podcasts provide a mobility and convenience that can’t be found through other mediums. They don’t require listeners to stop everything else and focus solely on the information being broadcasted. However, this does not mean the listener will miss out. We are easily able to envelop ourselves in the story while doing other things, and if for some reason we get distracted, we can simply listen again and continue on.

The Conversation We Know

Podcasts bring us to a familiar place – they involve us in a conversation, a community, and the type of medium we have come to know and love. Podcasts fuse discussion and debate, radio, television, social media, and other similar platforms into one. They take us to a time when tuning into a weekly television series or a nightly radio program brought excitement and joy, while also offering immediate information and an instant connection to listeners across the world, just as modern social media and content can.

The podcast links us with the comfort of the past while providing for us the technology of the future. Start sharing laughs, love, and enlightenment by creating a podcast that speaks – literally – to your intended audience. Educate and inspire while truly connecting with your consumer base in a way no other digital medium can.