The Challenge

Game On.

EightPM partnered with Polycade to get the luxury gaming device in front of new customers, nationwide. More specifically, Polycade wanted to gain awareness for in-office use of the product.

The Campaign

Bringing Joy (sticks) to the Office

EightPM focused on organically fitting Polycade into a fictional office on TV that matched the demographic of the brand. A product placement in HBO’s Silicon Valley seemed like the right fit. We successfully placed the machine into the fictional Pied Piper tech office on Silicon Valley season 6. The show and the tech office both perfectly aligned with the brand’s core audience.

Silicon Valley opening title credits
The Results

Cheat Code Activated.

With 6 seconds of screen time and at least 1 million impressions, we left-right-left-left-right-A-B-down right cheated our way into reaching new customers nationwide.


Seconds of Screentime


Million Impressions


Estimated Advertising Value

Game on.