The Challenge

No Way, Rosé.

Empathy Wines tasked EightPM with bringing their bottles to Netflix’s most popular dramedy series – Dead to Me.

The Campaign

Have Some Empathy.

EightPM focused on a memorable product placement in Netflix’s Dead to Me, season 2. Wine is a major player on the show. So we wanted Empathy to stand apart from other brands- without looking like a blatant product placement. We worked on integrating the popular direct to consumer wine brand into 3 pivotal scenes that were all about… well, Empathy!

Dead to Me Cover
The Results

Raise a Glass.

EightPM placed Empathy in three key scenes totaling 108 seconds with 30+ seconds of on-screen logo visibility.


Seconds of Screentime


Million Impressions


Estimated Advertising Value

Bottoms Up.